This Episode

Dedicated to I-5, sleeping in rest stops, and cruise control. Let’s hit the road!


  1. Covered Wagons by p:ano
  2. Head Spins by High Places
  3. Paper Tigers by Puerto Muerto
  4. The Return of Evil Bill by Clinic
  5. beneath between behind by The King Cobra
  6. Amplifier by Jucifer
  7. The Party by Mirah
  8. 14 Horses by Mary Timony
  9. Payasito by Silver Pines
  10. Songy Darko by Headlights
  11. Fear of Trains by Magnetic Fields
  12. A Suit of Clouds to Ride the Skies by Half-Handed Cloud
  13. Pterodactyl by White Fang
  14. License to Confuse by Sebadoh
  15. Into the Night by The Familiars
  16. Horseradish Road by The Mountain Goats
  17. Palm Desert by Van Dyke Parks
  18. Willesden Green by The Kinks
  19. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right by Bob Dylan

Welcome and a BIG thank you to Sarah for putting together this week’s show. Radio Hour is happy she could join us.

— John