This Episode

If you’re anything like me, you were feeling the blues following the pomp of this year’s big political conventions. With the spin machines working overtime, it was (and still is) difficult to find anything beyond “who-was-vetted-properly” and “what’s-the-strategy-for-the-next-60-days” reporting.

You were trying in earnest to focus on the issues (not how closely either candidate resembles a celebrity, maverick or messiah) when … OH! you learned how fragile our financial system really is and … WOW! a presidential candidate calls to cancel a debate.

So take an hour before the next jaw-dropping bombshell hits, relax, and rest your mind.


  1. Deep Water by Portishead
  2. Hell by James Brown
  3. Ave, Lúcifer by Os Mutantes
  4. It Be’s That Way Sometimes by Nina Simone
  5. What Are They Doing in Heaven Today? by Washington Phillips
  6. Ballad of Hollins Brown by Bob Dylan
  7. Europe Endless by Kraftwerk
  8. Chronological Disorder by 90 Day Men
  9. Sample and Hold by Neil Young
  10. Wordy Rappinghood by Tom Tom Club
  11. All These Governors by The Evens
  12. Pride by King Biscuit Entertainers
  13. Held the Hand by Daniel Johnston
  14. I’m Reverse Vampire by Sedan
  15. The Big Ship by Brian Eno