This Episode

The first of (potentially) many musical interludes, tonight’s (inaugural!) episode tests the waters; says “Hello…” and, “Welcome!” to new listeners (that’s everyone!) and is one-half the normal running length (oops). This is a belated birthday gift to the one who gave me the idea: that people might be interested in a rockandrollradiohour. I hope you are.


  1. Start The Party by The Dirtbombs
  2. S.F. Sorrow Is Born by The Pretty Things
  3. Any Way You Want It by The Dave Clark Five
  4. Coast To Coast by Love As Laughter
  5. Own Up Time by The Small Faces
  6. Death Of A Mighty Caesar by Thee Mighty Caesars
  7. C-30, C-60, C-90 by Bow Wow Wow
  8. Neuköln by David Bowie
  9. U.S. Millie by Theoretical Girls
  10. Loop De Loop by Harry Nilsson