This Episode

It’s been a long time coming…welcome to the latest edition of Radio Hour! Another big thank you to Michael (and to all Radio Hour contributors — past, present and future) for putting together last week’s show. This week, I’m bringing you music from Les McCann, Archie Shepp, the Paul Bley Trio and more! Listen up!!!


  1. Hey Leroy, Your Mama’s Callin’ You by Les McCann
  2. The Gypsy by Charlie Parker
  3. In A Sentimental Mood by Duke Ellington
  4. Ida Lupino by Paul Bley Trio
  5. Crossroads by Paul Bley Trio
  6. Foxxy Minor by Parker McDougal
  7. Echoes by Roscoe Weathers Quintet
  8. Amen by John Coltrane
  9. Stolen Sweets by Shirley Scott
  10. Inside Straight by Cannonball Adderley
  11. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy by Cannonball Adderley
  12. Attica Blues / Invocation: Attica Blues / Steam (Part 1) by Archie Shepp
  13. Quiet Dawn by Archie Shepp
  14. Bang! Bang! by Les McCann